Power-With incorporates the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)® and other empowerment skills.
Also called Compassionate Communication, NVC considers “violence” as any use of power over people by trying to coerce through guilt, obligation, threat of punishment, or even the promise of reward.  NVC offers a framework, language, and consciousness that aim to transform any form of violence.
Most of us have been educated to compete, judge, demand, and diagnose — to think and communicate in terms of what is “right“ and “wrong“ with ourselves or others.  We express our feelings in terms of what another person has “done to us,” instead of taking responsibility for our feelings.  Communicating and thinking this way causes misunderstanding and leads to frustration, anger, depression, and even emotional or physical violence.
NVC is a simple 4-part process to help us understand through empathic listening.  Even only one person practicing NVC creates emotional safety so that conflict can be defused; feelings and experiences can be expressed without blame; emotional pain be relieved, and mutually-satisfying outcomes can be achieved.
NVC was developed in the 1960’s by Marshall Rosenberg – world-renowned author, peacemaker, visionary and psychologist. Marshall’s vision has been to provide people with skills to transform relationships, conflict, and violence one interaction at a time.

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